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As you suggested, you can use Simple Deform modifier for this One modifier set to Twist for the spiral Angle around 1080° for three twists, and use limits to move it up/down Second modifier set to Taper, and adjust to your needs.


So there are several problems and it looks like you can fix them this way: Decrease the Distance value of the Bump, try 0.1 for example. Increase the object size, it seems to work better. Change or add a light source, for example a sun, I guess a simple plane emits parallel rays and it may not give a good render. Maybe put a ColorRamp between the Wave and ...


It looks to me like the big thing is that the strength of the bump map is too high; with Strength set to 1, it's trying to treat the bumps as having a maximum height of 1, which is very large compared to the size of your base. Try greatly reducing the bump map's Strength; maybe 0.1 or 0.05. Also, note that a bump map will always produce "flat" ...


Okay, so it seems I managed to get the Z-Coordinate by utilizing some of the formulars for circle segment calculation that I learned in school but have gone lost like many things. Here is the Node Tree, if anyone is interested:


Taking the dot-product of the Normal output of the Texture Coordinate node with (0,0,1) will return the Z component of the surface normals, in Object space. This ring has a curved profile on the inside, and is tapered on the outside. This discrimination is good.. if you had displacements on the curved surfaces which resulted in |Z| = 1 normals, you could ...


You have to connect the texture through the height input of a displacement node first - see below:

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