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Blender 2.81 Eevee lights clipping through objects when using volume shader

This issue is still here in Blender 4.0. There is just one way I've found that works. First increase the Radius till it becomes barely visible, and then increase the Power.
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Density field for volumes in geometry nodes

You can only use volume cube for that. For the mesh detection you can use raycast for example:
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import VDB file and start the animation at a certain frame in your scene

It is actually quite simple, in the settings for the OpenVDB File there is a Start value. This is the one on which you want the simulation to start. If you hover your mouse over it, the appearing ...
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How can I improve my PSX/PS1 fog?

Like Gordon Brinkmann said, the mist pass was 100% the way to go over the principled volume shader. New Mist Pass Doesn't quite show the end result here but enjoy the nausea coaster :) https://youtu....
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Render not maintaining transparency when using volumetric lighting (Cycles)

//EDIT: The following methods will only work if you use an object as surrounding volume, not if the volume is set in the world itself. If you want to see the fog occluding the object but make the rest ...
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How to loop an imported VDB file

In the Volume Data change the Mode to Repeat or Ping-Pong depending of the type of the simulation or the effect you want to achieve.
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