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Scaling metarig model causes neck deformation

The simpler solution is to use the root bone in pose mode to scale and move the whole rig + character system. If you really need to have the new scale applied, the procedure is to delete the rig, ...
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Weird deformation when scaling mirrored cylinder

You are using a Mirror modifier to get a full circle, so your selection is just a half circle, not a circle, your Transform Pivot Point is probably set to Median Point, which will scale the half ...
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Fixed size increase with repeat zone (geometry nodes)

You do not have to scale, create new cylinders with growing radii by adding to them. The vertical stacking you can achieve by adding offset to a newly created ring. The Merge by Distance I would put ...
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How to edit the position and scale of objects that have keyframes on those properties

I think one way should be to parent the object to an empty: to add an empty (shift + a) select an empty (a cube could be good for this operation) give the empty cube the same position the object has ...
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Cycles doesn't Render Particle Scale Changes... Is this a Bug?

When you render as object the scale is set here as a multiplier of the base object scale. I don't know if particle size behaves differently between the two engines, but it's where I would look.
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Dynamic Place in Blender - Live moving objects with physics Interactive rigid body

I finally got some time to finish this, hurrah ^^! Hope you'll like it as much as I do :) You can find the addon here: Cheers!
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How do i move an entirety of a collection to specific cordinates?

select one object of collection shift-g -> collection now all objects of collection are selected press n to open side panel hold alt (or ctrl) key while changing coordinates
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