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Defects in Blender 4.1

Tweak the Clip Start or End values in the N panel > View:
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Wrap complicated mesh around object

You can get pretty far by just using a shrinkwrap modifier, followed by a smooth mod. After that you'll need to fiddle with the frilly bits to get them to align with the form-fitting stuff, but that ...
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Changing the size of the box by the user

To make objects configurable you need to write custom JavaScript code using B4W API. But I don't recommend using Blend4Web at all, since it was deprecated long ago. For a modern and much simpler ...
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create an object from scratch by using numpy

yes there is ! I've finally find a way to build all parts (even faces) with from_pydata! more details here ...
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Unlink wall and e.t.c. from Archimesh

To be able to unlink in Blender 4.0, select the object and press Alt+P > Clear and Keep Transform, and then in the Object Properties of your new mesh, unlock the location and rotation attributes.
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How do I stop mmd tools from merging objects upon export?

You don't. .pmx (or .pmd, or .x) and .blend files are each capable of different things, and so support different features. In particular, there is no conception of "separate objects" in a ....
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Bend unlinked geometry of one object around geometry of some other object

You can select a set of edges which represent the curvature of the roof, Shift D to duplicate, P to Separate into a new object, in Obj mode select the new object, Right click > Convert to > ...
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Generate equation from surface

Thanks @Gordon Brinkmann for the answer to my question basically. I ended up importing the STL in matlab and using their identification toolbox, turned out to be a good fit for a 4th degree polynomial....
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Joining two objects generates sharp edge

Once you export the model from Blender, you can use an app called 3d Builder on Windows to fix up any weird edges and such. Here's how to repair a 3d model inside of 3d Builder: Import your 3d model ...
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3D cursor not moving

You can press Shift+Spacebar, then Spacebar to use the Cursor tool. Now wherever you click, the 3d cursor will snap to. You can also access this tool by pressing T, which will open the toolbar, and ...
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