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Custom trackpad pan/zoom/rotate behavior add-on

I'm trying to write an addon to customize the trackpad panning, zoomimg, and rotating gestures, but can't find a way to read the actual trackpad parameters for position and so on. The properties in ...
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Per-Vertex lighting in GLSL?

How can I achieve per-vertex lighting (like in single/multi-texture shading) in GLSL with all of the other GLSL features (like buffer shadows, texture layers, etc.)? Bonus points if it can be done in ...
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Generated Previews - low-resolution and dark shading fix?

(2.79 - Blender Internal) Generated Previews is very handy feature for previewing assets when importing / linking, I would just like to know if there is a way to: Make thumbnails lighter to match ...
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Save screenshot (bge) without writing to disk

This is a little odd but I need to save a screen-shot as an array (numpy array for eg) without writing to disk. The idea here is to create and then call the array once per frame in an external script ...
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How can I get a list of currently running modal operators?

Here I found a working solution using ctypes which allows to find out if any modal operator is currently running. I am not good in C and don't understand how it works. But I'm sure someone does, so is ...
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How to load an internal blender image using OSL?

OSL has the texture command that we can use to load image files and map in an object. Dfelinto made a nice video about it some years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5N2rnFtSlw We also have many ...
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Play/animate images, spritesheets or video files in 'template_icon_view'

I want to "play" some animation in this UI space, the template_icon_view: I can load all the images I want, for example: I know that the gif format is ...
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how to write a custom projection type?

Is it possible to create a lens shader with EEVEE/Cycles ? I'd like to have the control over the camera position and the ray direction per sample. This allows to simulate various conventional lens ...
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Operator tooltip from layout text

The concept is to make a panel layout that emulates the workspace (screen) layout. While testing I have set all the buttons to be the Splash Screen operator. An image of how this looks for five ...
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3D Stereo Active shutter vision LCS glasses realtime viewport?

Is it possible (or maybe already implemented by someone) to configure the viewport to display stereoscopically at a set frequency dependent on the given screen refresh rate, while having the frequency ...
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Blender on Windows is skipping python script. (brenda on windows)

We've been using Brenda for quite some time now for rendering architectural stills. Since our editing stations are doing nothing at night, I started making a desktop app that allows you to pick jobs ...
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Antialiasing textures in cycles (Blender 2.77 and higher)

I would like to get an answer to a frustrating question. https://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Ref/Release_Notes/2.77/Cycles In this link is "Anti-Aliasing is now enabled for baking. (c359343)" ...
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Rendering large image sizes in Eevee (Over 64k pixels)

I am working on creating a wrap for several walls spanning 25 to 60 feet long. People are going to be looking at these fairly close so I don’t want to go below 200 dpi for my final print quality. That ...
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Grease Pencil minimum thickness

I am trying to turn down the size of some GP strokes to taper them. Ideally, i'd like to reduce the size of the last point in the stroke to 0 and have a sharp tip, much like you get on a curve when ...
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How to display an image in my custom node

I have a custom node and I want it to be able to display an image. I know that the node has a parameter show_preview and if you enable it, no image appears.

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