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edge detect : geometry node

Maybe someone would find a better method, but this is how I would do it - but I do not know what your base object is, if it is a simple cube with only 8 vertices and 12 edges or maybe has a higher ...
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Bump/Displacing does not change anything

If you can't see the displacement options, then you are using Eevee. Switch to Cycles and happy displacement.
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Displacement based on image with colormap

This post is just to flesh out the commentary under Gordon's answer. It suggests a strategy that does not depend on any logical progression through the colours in the colour-key, which maps colours to ...
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Displacement based on image with colormap

The problem with the colormap is that there is no constant increase (or decrease) in any of the color channels or the hue, which becomes most obvious when you look at the upper region where it goes ...
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