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create a drive based on the name of the active layer

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How can I get one grease pencil object to appear inside another?

Looks like you just encountered the most commonly asked grease-pencil question on BSE. You can easily resolve your issue by enabling z-pass in the properties window....
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Blender 4.0: Rigify Rig Layers on Viewport Ntab not populating. Blender 3.6 works ok

I realize this is a bit late, but in case someone else finds this question... MPFB 2.0-a3 is not compatible with Blender 4. You need the blender 4 specific build in order to use, for example, the new ...
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Rain Rig Layers Not Showing Up in the Setting Bar

it most likely has to do with Bone Layers turning into Bone Collections in Blender 4.0, unfortunately unless the Blender Studio updates the rig i dont think the layers will work properly :c. a work ...
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