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How can I edit keyframes for shader nodes easily?

In order to show up in the search you must search by the value name, not the object name. For example if I have location keyframes on a cube and I want to change the X location, I must search for <...
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How do I keep an individual part of a rig completely still while the rest of the rig continues to move?

The thing you need is called "Inverse Kinematics" – often shortened to IK. There are A LOT of videos on that topic, e.g. this one: =link= Now - when you know what you need - just watch ...
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Storypencil flicker

I'm getting the same error. After drawing and going back to the VSE, the timeline fails to playback smoothly, randomly jumping to different frames. After rebooting Blender works fine but the problem ...
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How to make an animation of fabric folding?

You could do it in Sculpt mode, choose the Pose brush, set it to Deformation Target > Cloth Simulation, Deformation > Squash & Stretch: Sculpt: You can scale it a bit on Z in Edit mode. To ...
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Keyframes suddenly not interpolating or being read on specific bone/rig

Having spent 4 or 5 hours puzzling over this I DID find what the culprit was; It was a bone constraint that I had turned off that was still affecting the foot control: I tried turning it off, AND ...
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