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Setting up denoise light group help

Found solution by downloading addon Blender_Exr_auto-pass_saver ( It's automaticaly creates EXR Multilayer node with all enabled passes even light ...
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how to get 2d bounding box(x_min,x_max,y_min,y_max values) from IndexOB output of RenderLayer node in Blender compositor?

Python access for render ID pass data using files The "file output" node needs to be set to export data in raw SRGB without any further adjustments. Data is expected to be in the float ...
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Shadow of Holdout object visible in render

The plants use transparent textures, and at some point the rays reach their limit of transparent bounces. At this point transparent surfaces are being treated as opaque, leaving solid back in the ...
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How can I drive the Switch nodes True/False value?

I'd like to say thank you because your answer and batFINGER's comments pointed me in the right direction. I needed an Integer slider with possible values 1, 2, 3, to be the driver that activated and ...
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blender compositing - 2d motion blur when using a transform node?

i have made a very (!) simple setup, be aware that you might have to change some indices values to get the same result. My idea is to subtract the transform value form the current frame from the value ...
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How to combine two render node outputs into one composite, side by side? (Sum, mask, ramp?)

If one of your layers is transparent (here the main render), you can simply use an Alpha Over node. Basically, it puts the 2nd input above the 1st input, based on the alpha channel of 2nd input. I've ...
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