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Lens Flare with Compositing

Websites related to Lens Flare are available. Hope you find them useful. (09/2023)
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Compositing Viewer Node No Background

For future readers (like myself), also make sure you have actually rendered your layer(s) first. The compositor does not render them for you. You will know you have a rendered layer when you see the ...
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How to render background image for camera with Cycles

I found a workaround, in Render Layers node there is a small button on the bottom right that says "Render active scene", and that should work if F12 doesn't.
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How to render background image for camera with Cycles

It should work: make sure to check the "Transparent" Film Render option, and set the background image on camera to "Crop", for a perfect corrispondence with the compositing image.
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Composited render missing occlusion with white outline

Try checking "Convert Premultiplied" for one or both of the "Alpha Over" nodes. It looks like the alpha channel of the creature is not premultiplied and it might help.
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How to use images and videos for compositing in Blender?

Bou can't use the View Layer node as it manages the Blender scene. But you can create an Input > Image, load your image, render, if you create an Output > Viewer and enable Background you'll see ...
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How to mix 2 keying nodes in the compositor to keep the alpha channel from both?

Did you work this out @Policestate. I'm trying to do something similar in that I've isolated all the elements I require, and I want to then combine those Keying nodes into a single output-able stream.
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Cycles Bloom isn't working

Two things: Make sure the compositor is set to Always or Camera in the viewport. Only then you will be able to see the ...
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