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Why can't I move my camera while in camera mode?

Switch to camera view and disable the Lock Camera View button: In the previous versions of Blender the option is available in the N panel > View > View Lock: Then unzoom until you see the ...
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Camera movement gives me motion sickness and nausea

I started having severe cybersickness using Blender 3 years ago. I still have it. I recommend sucking on a piece of fresh ginger root before starting blender and/or during using Blender. At least that ...
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Got a low solve error, but 3d markers are not aligned to the 2d track points in the footage?, not even close?

Don't put bars on it, just select the 3D camera and under the data tab>Camera Change the Sensor Fit from Auto to Horizontal.
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How to change location and rotation of view in blender evenly

So what did the trick was going to Edit/Preferences/Navigation/Orbit & Pan and there change the rotation angle, then put a dummy-object or an "empty" in the middle and lock view to that, ...
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How to switch back to default view after switching to camera view in blender 2.92

If you are already in Camera View, then do the following to get back to default Perspective view. From the top left corner, click: View > Perspective/Orthographic menu button.
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Bug in scene camera?

When you switch one editor window to the Timeline, you will see that there is a camera marker set on frame 98 named "Circle" (that is your hat object which is not renamed to something more ...
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How to align the camera in a solved motion tracked scene?

I found in Blender 4.1 that you can select the camera constraint in the Scene Collection, and in Object Settings change the floor plane by changing the Rotation XYZ.
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