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My suggestion would be to set the objects that you don't want to appear in the shadow layer as a holdout. This would only be possible in Blender 2.8 and above and would make a transparent cut-out in the shadow where that geometry occludes the shadow. Create a view for the Shadow. Place the geometry in its own collection and the shadow catcher in its own ...


From your image it looks like you are assigning a folder called "Mist". select a folder and then use the add input inside the File output node N and connect your "mist" to that new input


How to use the Temporal Denoiser Step 01: Pack Denoising Data Enable denoising data in View Layer > Passes > Denoising Data Set file format to OpenEXR Multilayer (so Blender packs the denoising data) Render your animation Step 02: Denoising import bpy import os import glob inputdir="D:/Animation/" outputdir="D:/Animation/Denoised_&...

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