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Go to frame 266. Select your rigid body. In properties/rigid body/physics/settings, check Animated and keyframe it. Go to frame 267. Uncheck Animated and keyframe it.


36.000560 is not a standard frame rate by any means (is this some screen recording or is this done with a cheap phone?). When you find those frame rates it is possible that the recorded video is compressed using variable frame rate. Blender cannot deal with such files. You will need to transcode to a standard and constant frame rate for blender to work with ...


It is most probably a problem with blender. You shouldn't have set it to 50 FPS though. You should have gone with 60 FPS. If you still need it in 50 fps, I would say you should render it in frame-by-frame form and then import it to Camtasia 2020 and arrange it in the order you want. Make each frame last 0.02 seconds. Then see, it will probably work. If it ...


You would have to split the strip using Shift+K, then ... just grab the right end of the left strip with your cursor and move it to the right. Then the last pic will be shown as long as you dragged the right edge.


Blender uses a fixed pipeline for rendering the VSE is part of this process. The movie clip editor let you track movies that can be used for modeling, compositing or sequence editing. Movie clip editor is an input for the rendering process. It is a common mistake people want to do this the other way around, but that isn't possible. Another analogy is the ...

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