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The audio strip I put in the video sequencer offsets every time I pause the timeline

This can happen if your computer cannot handle the framerate. So just change: in "playback" -> sync -> framedropping This should solve your problem.
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How to layer greenscreen footage over existing footage in the VSE?

Sorry that I am answering an almost eight year old question, but yes, you can use alpha over if you would like. The setup is this: add an Image input node (in the compositor). In the Image input node, ...
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No sound in Blender VSE, not a problem of volume or moved files. There's also a weird black line

Not sure it's really relevant, but in Windows it's worth checking the system Volume Mixer. Somehow I had Blender muted there. Unmuting worked for me.
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How to resize a video in video editing to a certain resolution

It's really not straightforward, but if you know the original resolution you can do it like this: With the video strip selected go to the Strip properties tab and open the Transform panel. In front ...
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Video seems Jittery when i use a image strip

Since you did not provide any source material or any information how you imported your image sequence (maybe the images are named incorrectly so that they are sorted wrong after import?), so I can ...
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How to show only selected strips on dope sheet in VSE?

In the dope sheet, try enabling the "Show Only Selected" filter: It's enabled by default.
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Why is my gradient background workflow so redundant?

So essentially you just have to create a mask (one time/the gradient), use the mask modifier + 2 colors like this: the most upper image/movie is your foreground the gradient (just hide it) the first ...
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