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image loading, but not appearing in an Empty, latest release 2.77

Probably I have a special case as I create just something in 2D. I import images just as plane, then they are displayed without problems. It's increasing the Blender file certainly, so it's probably ...
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Image as plane imported turns the image grey and slightly blurry any idea how to make it look like the original?

There are two things going on here: Blur By default, any image texture in the shader editor uses the Linear interpolation to hide the pixel edges of your texture. It looks better in most cases, but ...
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Use a single Image Texture node with multiple mappings

Here are the steps to use the same image texture with multiple mapping, using Node Groups : Select your image texture ⎈ CtrlG to make a new group, it will open the group ↹ Tab to exit the group Now ...
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Use multiple image texture frames in Geometry Nodes

It all comes down to using a Repeat Zone. In my example I have an image sequence of 4 frames, each one a black and white image with different symbols. I want to have points distributed where the ...
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Use multiple image texture frames in Geometry Nodes

Take this .blend and render an animation: To reproduce manually, enable Film→Transparent, select the default cube, Numpad 7, Numpad /, ✲ Ctrl⎇ AltNumpad 0, set Camera to Orthographic, scale 1, camera ...
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