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Microsoft Powertoys renders STL with color data on thumbnail, how can i bring it to blender?

So here's what i did, maybe it'll be usefull for someone. I've imported the STL to ZBrush. Clicked "with color" after importing (it automaticly pops out) Then i've exported it as fbx, then ...
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How to have objects in the render have exactly one color?

I think you shouldn't making a custom solution for this as there is already a built-in way to achieve what you want. Assuming you have your scene ready for rendering, the steps you need to follow are ...
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State color for bone properties does not respond (i.e. turn orange) to changes from keyframed value

The cause of this problem has been established as an NLA strip and track being added to an armature. Removing both allows the state colors to act as expected. I’m not clear on how any NLA data was ...
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Flat colours instead of textures

Your render appears as flat color because your environment is a flat color. In order to see the properties of your material, setup a proper scene environment by using HDRIs for example, and go in ...
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Single Texture Multiple Mask Inefficiencies

The node group shown in the tutorial video is fine for color masking or color matching. You just need to guess the values for the tolerance. There are 3 of them "H Tolerance" for the hue, &...
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I can't match the colour in Blender with real pictures

There are probably a few layers to this. Using HEX codes is a problem. It's a very flawed way to communicate color if the actual color space is not specified(and unfortunately it isn't usually). Apple ...
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