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Blender 2.80: Delete Collection or clear the intial scene in scripting mode

The accepted answer works but doesn't delete the sub collections from the Orphan Data, Just incase someone wants a recursive solution: ...
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How can I instantiate a procedural node group with different parameters?

What is an Instance? An instance is the reference to an existing object. This object exists only once. An instance is therefore comparable to the Duplicate Linked function. The advantage of this: The ...
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Operator quits too early with no errors?

Render all MESH objects in active collection Use to check when rendering is complete Turn off/...
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Changing visibility of multiple collections at once

In outliner, tap A to select all, right click on collection -> visibility -> enable/disable in viewport/render
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How to pass a specific collection to an Info Collection node?

you can connect it to the group input node ;)
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