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Name in edit state upon creation of collection

In the 3D View, or Outliner, if you select any objects to be included / moved to a collection, and hit M, you will be presented with a choice of collections to move to, with the top item being 'New ...
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Can't move objects created by archimesh into a collection folder

I found the solution. It was because those objects had parent. So I had to remove it or change it to the correct parent. Quite a lot of manual work, but works.
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Can’t move hierarchy to collection or parent in outliner

While it's not a direct solution to this, a good workaround is Right-click the main parent object in the Outliner, click "Select Hierarchy" (which selects both the parent and all its ...
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Duplication of Collections

I still couldn't see the animation keys for the "Build" modifier. I had to add a flock of crows to the scene from the source file nine times using the Copy Objects - Paste Objects method. ...
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How to apply Alpha to a collection with all the objects within the collection

It seems impossible at the moment. Even on the design/idea level, collections are not like layer folders in Photoshop, an object can belong to multiple collections, so it's not clear what the behavior ...
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msgbus for collection selection in outliner

The msgbus is quite limited, I don't think there is a solution using that, but you can use the depsgraph_update_post application ...
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