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Transfer UV data from one mesh to another .blend

Append the object in your scene, select the one you want to give the UV to, shift copy the one that you want to copy and CtrlL (Link/Transfer Data) > Copy UV Maps.
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Automatic moving of unselected objects & detailed Blender documentation

In my case I had accidentally turned on Proportional Object Editing causing transforms of object A to affect unselected object B. Toggle it off with O or with the icon at top center near Snap.
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How can I link objects with applied rotations?

Presuming all objects have initially been rotated from their origin and there is no other operation on them (no translation for instance). We need to find two vertices that are not aligned with the ...
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How can I link objects with applied rotations?

There is no general way to do that. If the rotation is applied, you loose it so there is nowhere to get that back from. You could attempt to get that information from the geometry in a Python script. ...
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Transferring blend projects between pcs

You could try emailing the respective file to your laptop and then downloading it. If you have OneDrive, you could enable it on both computers and transfer the file through your parent account. Or you ...
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