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When I cleared the origin it would send the objects origin to world center regardless of where my cursor or origin was, the way I fixed this was by pressing Ctrl + A as normal but then setting my transforms to delta, this will reset the numbers to 0, and will snap your child to where you want it relative to the parent after moving it away from its origin ...


You can create a different armature, with a different hierarchy, copy world-space transforms, and bake the animation. Duplicate your armature. Edit it to have the hierarchy you want. For every bone that's important, give it a Copy Transforms constraint (on default settings, world space-> world space) targeting its counterpart in the original armature. ...


You have proportional editing turned on. Click this button at the top of the 3D viewport to turn it off: Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut O to toggle it on and off.


This can be done with geometry nodes. Add your object(s) you want to duplicate/instance in a new collection. Position the object(s) origin on world origin. This can be any number of objects/meshes. Select an object you want to be replaced and add the Geometry Nodes modifier. In my case, I'm going to replace four cubes. Make sure that these objects are not ...


Since you have an IK, it should be relatively easy: just set the IK controller's parent to the root instead of the hips. BUT, ideally, you want to be able to use both depending on the situation. In which case, you also want to add Child of constraints to your IK controllers, pointing to your hips controller. Then you can turn that constraint on and off via ...


I have the same problem using on my character's hair sinking or moving out of position. Did't work out when I try changing the parent's bone. I solved it by turning Amplitude Rotation to 0, 10 will make it sink. Hope this will help.

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