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How do I delete a camera in a blender scene I downloaded

It looks like you used Append to import the collection into your scene. And in the Append options "Instance Collection" was enabled. You can see it from the orange collection symbol in the ...
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Composite multiple cameras in one image

I have a similar need to composite several scenes in the same image. These are images from separate scenes that I'm using as a storyboard workflow. Each image is 1920x1080. This is what I came up with:...
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How do I make sky and grass for scene in Blender

Here's a suggestion that may help :) You could make the sky the old classic way and cut a sphere in half: Select the entire sphere and recalculate mesh normals to the inside: Scale it and then UV / ...
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Blender: How do I unpack a linked instance to make changes to it?

I've found that the current answer breaks any parenting relationships, so here's an alternative for Blender 3.4: Select the Linked Collection you want to make local. Go to Object > Library ...

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