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I managed to work out the issue. It’s a user error rather than a blender issue. I found that when I created the first copy I had a clip in the video editor, which then got copied across to the new scenes. I didn’t spot it because I’d deleted the clip from the video editor after I’d made the scenes. Soon as I removed the clip , then the renders started ...


You don't need to put it as a plane, you can just import it as a background. You might have the background as alpha, if you do, turn it off.


Ok i figured it out, in blender 2.79 they had something called render layers, in 2.8, and 2.9 they use view layers, to do this you will see ticks in the outliner, and unticking them will make them not be rendered, and in the top right there is a section called view layers, if you duplicate them with the same settings you can tick or untick each one and then ...


There may be a better way? But here goes.. In the (funnel) 'Filter' dropdown of the outliner, enable the 'Disable Selection' dart-icon, if you haven't already. If there is a top-level collection, below 'Scene', containing all the others, Shift-click the dart icon next to it, to recursively set the 'Selectable' state of all the collections and objects beneath ...

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