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How do you change the default directory for saving/opening files?

I tried to provide a workaround. The directory for saving/opening/import/export file will be the path where the blend file is. So I make a bat script, this will copy ...
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Can someone help me troubleshoot this addon?

bpy.types.TIME_MT_editor_menus.append() takes a draw function as parameter. Below is a sample code also available in ...
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How to retain 3D Viewport and Outliner settings while changing workspaces?

Sadly there's still no native option in Blender to retain viewport position between workspaces. You'd need an add-on for that. Try Synchronize Workspaces - Blender Add-on, damn useful. An icon added ...
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Can the blender api be used to create alternate viewport control modes

I’ve derived a rudimentary way of acheiving the kind of controls i need, thank—in small part—to chat gpt and stack exchange. It turned out that using a modal operator was all it took to override the ...
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Random Issue with Custom Icons Not Loading in Blender Plugin

I'm almost sure it's a Blender Bug, until a few versions ago this was rare. Even in an Alpha version of Blender 3.6 it somehow made images unusable within Blender even on subsequent startup. I never ...
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Fully disable node auto-offset

There's a new option for this at Preferences -> Editing -> Node Editor in Blender v4.0. It's a global option now, meaning we don't have to set it for each ...
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How to update the texture in the UI when using "template_preview"

I had this problem too, if you have found a proper way to update template_preview please share, meanwhile I have found a workaround that works for me. As you noticed when you manually resize the image ...
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Why does the origin disappear in Shading tab?

Every workspace has its own settings. The Shading tab has it disabled by default for reasons where you have to ask the designers or developers. Enable Origins under Viewport Overlays
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Block undo from changing UIList index

This is one of old core issues. You can't do much about it
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Gizmo (manipulator) is missing for some reason

Check what tool is active in the toolbar. For me, the gizmo doesn't show when the Measure tool is active.
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Can't change mouse influence in proportional editing mode

In addition to the above advice that the proportion size only shows while using the feature, if the number is maxed out at 1000, scrolling the mouse wheel down will give the false impression nothing ...
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How to find which materials use a missing texture?

You can try this, it will detect image texture missing and tell you the name of the material where it is in the console window. It only works at the node level, not inside groups ...
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My UIList does not scroll down in version 3.3.6

In the col.template_list, I set the list_id parameter to "". In order for the scrollbar to work correctly, I needed to assign name to the list.
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