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Properties Penal disappeared in Layout Mode

You have pinned the Material Properties panel. A pinned panel remains visible, regardless of which tab has been selected, but all other panels are hidden. Display settings are stored for each ...
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How do I increase the vertex size in the interface?

If you are interested in doing it via Python you can set the value of vertex_size to your desired size: ...
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How do I increase the vertex size in the interface?

To change the Vertex Size in 3D viewport: Open Edit > Preferences > Themes and open the 3D Viewport dropdown: In that dropdown scroll down below the color settings to Vertex Size: Adjust the ...
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Period key does nothing on Mac keyboard without numberpad

Instead of using Command, use Ctrl key. Ctrl + . (Period) key, it worked for me.
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How do I get the tool options menu for inset faces back at the bottom of the screen?

Apparently in edit mode the menu only appears after confirming an action with Enter or LMB. This is the case for other tools besides inset as well. I tested with loop-cut ctrl-r and rip v. While in ...
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