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At the top of the window you should see the select tool 'Mode' this indicates whether it should Replace, Extend, Subtract, Invert or Intersect the selection - presumably you have somehow changed the mode to Extend (add to the existing selection). Note that as well as the selection tool in the tool shelf you can alternatively press B for a box select. This ...


It is possible to filter the displayed objects in the Outliner by their state. Click on the filter icon and change the object state filter to Selected. The outliner should now only display the selected objects. If the particular objects are deeply nested in collections and you don't want to step through the hierarchy, disable the Collection filter checkbox. ...


In your preferences (Edit > Preferences) go to your Keymap Options, and under the Outliner section, scroll down to Show Active. There you can change it to whatever key you want. Then, after selecting the object in the 3D viewport, hover over the outliner and press your key. You can also change this Show Active key in many different workspaces such as the ...


It works the same way in current versions. Just toggle the X-Ray button and you can select all faces/vertices under the cursor.


Quick answer from the future: You are using the location as a list or collection [x,y,z], but it's not it's a Vector((x,y,z)) in the console for some reason obj.location[0] = something works, but it's a risky approach. Try this instead: location = Vector((1,2,3)) obj.location = location


'Apply' has a specific meaning in the context of modifiers. In this case, it looks like you've only added the Solidify modifier and enabled edit-mode viewing. Since the base geometry is still a plane, the correct interpretation of it is to select both upper and lower faces produced from solidifying it. To 'fix' this, all you need to do is apply the modifier -...


I'm not sure how to fix this but u have a cover up , you can get into circle select by clicking on the small triangle in the select box tool and then select the circle select


I can see you have 2 objects, because there are 2 origins. First Join objects (cmd/ctrl + J). And yes, Joonas is right you have doubles (> Merge by distance).

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