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The following Add-on code can do this for you. Save the code as and install that file as an Add-on in Blender. You can then activate it when searching for Collection Ops in the Add-ons section of Blender. Once done, right-click in the Outliner on the collection you would like to exclude for all other View Layers and select the command on the bottom: ...


You can Batch Rename objects in the Outliner (since 2.81) Shortcut: Ctrl + F2


As you've mentioned, uncheck 'Sort Alphabetically' first to allow manual arrangement. After doing that you should be able to reorder the layers by clicking and dragging them around. The dark highlight over a collection indicates that you're joining your current selection to another and the dark line indicates that you're placing a collection above/below ...


Turn to "None" the Fill Mode in the Curve Properties.

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