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Why has my render got such a sharp light gradient in eevee?

This is banding. It's common with 8-bit colour output and subtle gradients. Either enable dithering in post-processing or output to a 16-bit format (noting that monitors generally can't display all ...
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Why does my Eevee camera view look different to the render?

You have two objects in your scene with the clouds texture, "COLLIDER" and "Sphere". The second is the one that shows the moon, the first one is obscuring the moon: The reason it ...
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Can this random glitching face color behavior be fixed in Eevee and Vieport? Blender 3.4

According to the documentation, bad precision may have significant impact on the output of White Noise node. Cycles has better precision, so you don't face errors then using it. Try to eliminate this ...
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Glass not see through around corners of mesh in eevee

In the Material panel, under Settings, increase the Refraction Depth value.
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Why is the ground not showing in the render?

Fixed it, the particle system for the cacti was the problem. I just had to make the instances real from in the modifiers tab.
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Scaling and centering generated objects to take up entire camera viewing width resolution using geometry nodes

I don't think this is possible, at least in an easy way, with a perspective camera as there are too many things that go into it: camera's focal length, its position in 3D space, the less than ...
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What is the impact of polygons that are not part of the final image when rendering?

Since this hasn't been marked as answered (yet), I'd like to add something on top of the existing great suggestions that I feel is worth mentioning, specifically for Cycles: does the program render ...
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