Object Constraint Follow Path for Camera Object Constraint Copy Z Rotation for Camera.001 Object Constraint Copy Location for Mesh objects in negative Bright orange Camera is active for rendering. Camera on path can be any object. Mesh Objects are parented to Empty.


While can't see how you do it, here is how i do it: You frame all the wanted keyframes including their handles Either go in the menu on top or use the context menu with RMB to change the interpolation. Here also a visual step by step: Should this not work with your version, please explain where it differs from this.


Add-ons usually give you an information where they are to find/use from. Most are in the right hand Sidebar opened with N. Here the Text FX: Location: "View3D > Tools" refers to the default Sidebar, as mentioned above. The Add-on gives you the option to "add a text", which depending on the type/function you want chosen from the drop-down menu then ...


If you're still after an answer, I have found a few different soloutions to various Blender>Unreal problems that when I combine, seem to work. Could be one of these: Don't have fullstops in your bone names Rename your Armature to anything else Don't call your root bone 'Spine' (You've not done this. Could jut need to be carful eitheir way.) Not sure if any ...

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