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Does Blender have a built-in basic material library?

Yes, it does. There’s a built-in add-on called “Material Library” that you can enable. Once you have, it shows up in a panel under the Materials tab of the Properties editor. Select the “Sample ...
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Autohighlight objects based on stretching (determining which muscle is used)

One approach would be a tension map, which will display some function of rest-edge-length and current edge-length. Some are out there as tutorials or add-ons for Blender ( a search on 'tension map' ...
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1 vote

How do I keep textures the same size on different objects?

You can convert your NURBS to meshes(Object -> Convert menu in the 3d viewport header) and UV unwrap them together. They can remain separate objects, just enter edit mode with all of them selected, ...
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1 vote

How to link object rotation to an image sequence?

Hello and welcome Ben Newtown, there is many solutions to achieve this effect. I propose one solution with the version 4,2a of blender and the new Ray Portal BSDF ...
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