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Posterize Node in Material Shader?

//EDIT: Okay, I actually didn't think of a much easier solution. The answer below is completely valid and working, but for the vector maths there is a shortcut: instead of upscaling the colors by the ...
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Value node keyframe missing in graph editor

You need to select both the object in the 3D View and the node in the Graph Editor, or disable the Only Show Selected option:
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How can I have multiple driver set-ups over one duplicated node group?

If you need controllable inputs it is worth considering replacing Color Ramp nodes with something else. For example, the one in your hard shadow example can simply be replaced by Map Range node that ...
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Single Texture Multiple Mask Inefficiencies

The node group shown in the tutorial video is fine for color masking or color matching. You just need to guess the values for the tolerance. There are 3 of them "H Tolerance" for the hue, &...
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Can not create node group inputs and outputs using python

In Blender 4.0 the "inputs" and "outputs" were removed from "bpy.types.NodeTree" (https://docs.blender.org/api/current/change_log.html#bpy-types-nodetree) Thus adding and ...
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