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Why has my render got such a sharp light gradient in eevee?

This is banding. It's common with 8-bit colour output and subtle gradients. Either enable dithering in post-processing or output to a 16-bit format (noting that monitors generally can't display all ...
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How to create a fluorescent fluid material?

Since the reference image is glowing in places construction around the tube ... Marty's material can be enhanced by AO (Ambient Occlusion) factor to fake this part of light effect.
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Can this quality be achieved in Blender?

Yes. Obviously. Blender is designed for CGI creation and has all the tools needed for modelling, creating shaders, lighting, rendering and post-processing images. Modelling tools available are more ...
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How to create a "Center Rim Light" effect?

The best I can get is something like this - Use the From Min, To Min, and To Max on the Map Range node to control the density and spread of the purple specular reflection. The ColorRamp is there for ...

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