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What's the point of ArcTan2?

If you consider any point, (x, y), a vector, that starts at world origin, then the quotient y/x is equal to tan of the counter-...
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How would I insert a certain text on my object

Take a photo with a correct lighting and, in an image app like Photoshop or Krita, tweak the luminosity and contrast until you get a b&w image: Then use this image as a mask between 2 colors (...
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How can I color individual instances of an object using a colorramp in geometry nodes?

ColorRamp node operates in a range 0-1 ... using your setup should result at least with one instance blue (because of index number zero) and the rest of instances red (because their index number is 1, ...
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Blacked out textures

To see textures while in Solid shading: In the Viewport Shading popover, make sure the Color setting is set to Texture: Only the last selected texture node is displayed Procedural textures are not ...
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Can Blender use color id maps to texture the same object with different materials?

As long as your geometry has a color attribute, you can assign different materials based on different attribute values in Blender.
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