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Assigned texture leaking out of the area after aplying subdivision modifier

You can add an edge loop (CtrlR): Or select the existing edge loop and CtrlE > Edge Crease, which will counter the Subdivision Surface effect:
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3 votes

Can I use an SVG image as texture for an object

No, unfortunately that is not possible. You can see in the documentation that supported image formats do not include vector images in SVG format. If you want to use an SVG image as a texture you will ...
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2 votes

Can't get the wavy texture to be straight

That's totally normal behaviour. The solution for this is UV Editing: I just added here a simply cylinder to make it clear. The wave texture is set to Bands/x, so Blender calculates the wave ...
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1 vote

Texture / UV not following mesh armature deformation animation

Thanks to Jakemoyo for the answer. The issue was that my texture was mapped to object space co-ordinates. Mapping to the UV / Generated coordinates instead as shown below worked as expected as the ...
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1 vote

How do I keep textures the same size on different objects?

You can convert your NURBS to meshes(Object -> Convert menu in the 3d viewport header) and UV unwrap them together. They can remain separate objects, just enter edit mode with all of them selected, ...
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1 vote

How to link object rotation to an image sequence?

Hello and welcome Ben Newtown, there is many solutions to achieve this effect. I propose one solution with the version 4,2a of blender and the new Ray Portal BSDF ...
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