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How could you avoid multiple shadows when using multiple light sources?

Softer Fill Light I've found that the best way to eliminate multiple shadows is to use softer lighting. You can do this by increasing the size of the light. I generally use Area Lights for soft fill ...
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fisheye formula of 3d world position to image space

I found the answer to your question in the functions direction_to_fisheye and fisheye_to_direction in the Blender source code: ...
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A strange display issue

I assume this is Solid shading, not Material Preview? As @vklidu says, probably you have set the Lighting to MatCap, or if all parts have the same material, maybe you have set a dark color for it in ...
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Emitters (baked particles) not showing Camera render/animation (Invisible, not rendering)

Currently your particle render settings are set to Halo, which by default does not show up in renders, as its more of a placeholder. If you want to make your particles visible you need to change the ...
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