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3 votes

Texture is appearing transparent

You are in Solid shading mode and in the Options you have set Color to Texture. Now the problem here is, Solid mode is not Material Preview: it does not show you how the complete material would look ...
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2 votes

Bug in Cycles when handling overlapping objects with transparency?

You need to increase the maximum number of transparency bounces in your render settings.
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2 votes

Why is my gradient background workflow so redundant?

So essentially you just have to create a mask (one time/the gradient), use the mask modifier + 2 colors like this: the most upper image/movie is your foreground the gradient (just hide it) the first ...
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1 vote

Problem when adding shaders to simulate glass

Why does your shader with Add Shader is darker ? By adding together the 3 colored Glass shader, you are asking from Blender to : Let only red light pass through And let only green light pass through ...
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1 vote

using grease pencil with transparent object

In the transparent cube's material properties, under Line Art you can set Levels to 0. This will make the material not be counted towards occlusion levels, resulting in the desired effect.
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