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3 votes

Can not scatter properly procedural plant on targeted mesh

Your leaves are just instances, they have to be real geometry to be used in the particle system. Plug a Realize Instances node between the Join Geometry and the Group Output nodes.
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3 votes

Is it possible to solve overlapping objects using particle system (hair)

Here is an example of scattering cubes with Geometry Nodes. the vertex group for the weight paint ("test") can be specified in the modifier's settings. the values for the scaling and ...
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3 votes

Scattered objects using partcile system, ends up outside the plane, possible keep it within the plane?

Paint a vertex group in Weight Paint, make sure that you have enough margin: Select this group under Vertex Groups > Density:
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2 votes

Boids particles loop seamlessly

Assuming you use a script node: One way to do it would be to capture boid positions p(a) and velocities v(a) at a loop frame, then every subsequent multiple of time T, ease values to the original P ...
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2 votes

Particles not showing

This is expected behavior. Blender has to build the cache from the starting frame of the simulation: It cannot begin time in the middle of history as it were. What you can do in the particle settings ...
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1 vote

Can Particle System caches be accessed directly by Geometry Nodes?

Animation nodes has particles nodes, with which you can read the particle data like locations. With the object instancer you duplicate objects and with the object transform output node you can set ...
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1 vote

How to calculate "inherit velocity" with simulation nodes particles

My answer is probably equivalent to the one of StefLAncien. Requirements The object using these geometry nodes should have a scale of 1. If it is not the case : Ctrl+A> Apply Scale Global position (...
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