New shortcuts can be added in the preferences Edit > Preferences > Keymap. With the keymap tab open, navigate to the Window category of shortcuts. Click the Add New button to create a new shortcut. The operator for reloading scripts is bpy.ops.script.reload() therefore the identifier for the shortcut is script.reload. Click on the shortcut field and press ...


I use my index finger and switch between the left and middle buttons. You won't need to use both buttons at the same time. If you want you can use three fingers on the mouse, but it's not necessary.


Just go to File menu in blender > Defaults > Load Factory Settings This Can Work For You But if This Does Not Works then I have Another Idea for you if you are having windows operating system you should uninstall blender first then before reinstalling it you should go to your c drive or the drive where your operating system is installed then let us suppose ...

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