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Geometry Nodes - Vertex Group to Edge path (Curve)

Leander is totally right. You cannot use vertex groups because they don't (!) select clearly an edge. Mostly they select too much, because if two vertices of one edge are selected/weighted, the edge ...
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Extruding Edges (Coffee Bag Sides)

Those parts are not topologically good either, you need to give it thickness: You could begin with an inset (press i then B for Boundary so that it sticks to the mirror axis): Then extrude this part:...
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Output edge selection in geometry nodes?

Geometry Node Tools will help you with edit mode execution and selection. (Since you stated, that you would apply the modifier anyways.) They act as an operator (and not a modifier) that is used in ...
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Select faces directly touching selected edges?

Select the starting edges Shift+LMB the Face Select button to Ensure the Selection Mode includes Faces Ctrl+NumPad +  or Select → Select More/Less → More In the popup/F9 or Edit → Adjust Last ...
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