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4 votes

how to close gap between to edges when using bevel in edit mode?

There is a way to prevent the edges from overlapping, maybe this will work for you? In the Bevel last operator panel (bottom left hand corner of the 3D viewport) enable the Clamp Overlap option. Once ...
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2 votes

How do I fix blue, hard lines appearing with subdivision modifier?

you may have right clicked > Shade Smooth by Angle (instead of a simple Shade Smooth) which has created sharp edges over the defined angle (although I'm not sure how it happened here). To remove, ...
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1 vote

I need to fill in a face b/w this circle and hexagon. But after selecting the vertex and pressing f, it's turns out like this(pic)

Hexagon and circle should be part of the same object, if not, join them (select both and press Strg+J). Edit Mode; select all vertices by pressing A Mesh > Merge > By distance. This merges ...
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