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Repeteadly calling one modifier upon other

bpy.ops.object.modifier_apply(modifier="modifier_name") takes actual modifier name, which is unique for every modifier. What you are passing is modifier ...
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Dynamically adding/deleting foldable panels

The problem is that you want to control multiple properties with a single variable, which is not possible. I think you need to read about bpy.props.CollectionProperty. It lets you create a dynamically-...
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Make an object turn / rotate with its front face to the next location in an animation

I don't want to create rotation keyframes manually nor set specific rotation at each location keyframe manually. No problem. Animate your cube's location as desired. Set extrapolation mode in graph ...
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Can the blender api be used to create alternate viewport control modes

I’ve derived a rudimentary way of acheiving the kind of controls i need, thank—in small part—to chat gpt and stack exchange. It turned out that using a modal operator was all it took to override the ...
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Unexpected result setting a shear matrix as transform

I guess I'm too late to the party but there is still a bit hacky way to do it - won't affect the actual geometry and will allow you to add ANY possible transform to your project, even a shear ...
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