This route may seem a bit long-and-winding.. but it's the kind of habit I've got into, until someone comes along and points out what I've been missing all along... Select one of the edges you will not want, and the next in sequence. CtrlShiftNumpad + 'Select Next Active', until the interval-selection is complete Header > Select > Loops > 'Edge ...


Just select the top loop, and let Blender do the rest Select the top loop using Alt + Left Click Go Select > Checker Deselect Go Select > Similar > Coplanar


I don't know if there's a direct way, and if you press Ctrli (invert selection) it will also select some unwanted faces. But you can select one of the desired faces and ShiftG > Similar > Perimeter:


So I asked this question on OpenVFX discord and got my answer - I need to switch to xray mode


Maybe I'm missing something, but if you "would change the point count of the line", this wouldn't affect the vertex order, and so it wouldn't affect the indices on the line? Seems irrelevant to the problem, then. As for specifying some arbitrary input, you could use a string, except in Blender 3.0 you can't use Index to control String Slice, as the ...


Edit > Preferences > Themes > User Interface > UV Image Editor > Face Selected, click it to bring up the color controls panel, lower the Alpha (bottom control) to what works for you. The same can be done in Edit > Preferences > Themes > User Interface > 3D Viewport > Face Selected. If you want your new settings next time you ...


go to preferences -> keymap -> key-binding and search for "+". Looks like you have something else referenced to same key. If this doesn't work, please provide screenshots of your search result for "mesh":


I think what you're trying to ask is easier to see in wire frame view: I believe you're asking to make the upper selected circle have the same diameter as the lower selected circle; or possibly to inset the upper face so that the inset face has the same diameter as the inner circle. In the first case you can do it by scaling the upper circle. In the second ...


If you want to remove some loops after a subdivision, it can be relatively easy: Switch to edit mode, edge select. Select a ring loop by ctrl alt selecting on an edge: Use a checker deselect operation to deselect every other edge: Use select edge loops operation to select the loops from selected edges: Then dissolve the edge loops: Note that what is a ...

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