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Adding a Keyframe to a Specific Geometry Node in Blender Using Python

this is the only way I know how to do this programmatically. from my understanding, keyframes for individual nodes are handled at the node tree level. first, you have to find your node tree: ...
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What's the new keyframe protocol?

i is to keyframe with the default transform Shiftk is to choose what are the default transforms k is to keyframe with the desired transform (former i)
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Cant change the output framerate from 24

I tried both scenes, in both I was able to change the scene's frame rate. However, to see the effect in the viewport, you need to set the playback to drop frames (or sync to audio, which drops frames):...
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Sample Keyframe & Smooth Keys in b4.1.1 Missing?

Smooth keys is now here: key->smooth->...
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manually adding keyframe to the tracker

You simply grab the tracker and advance the movie frame then position the tracker in the new location, it will add its own keyframe
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