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4 votes

Greasepencil Lineart accumulating strokes opacity (Greasepencil uniform opacity <100%)

Have you tried the most basic Layer Opacity? That works fine on my end. I didn't even have to turn on Compositor nodes to render stroke opacity. In my case, I set my background to Transparent and ...
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2 votes

Image not shrinkwrapping around my sphere object

When Shrinkwrap modifier is set to Project method, every point on the plane will try to collide with something along its normal direction, those points which collide with nothing will stay still.To ...
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1 vote

Is there a way to change the modifier orientation?

To answer the question you asked, no. The transform orientation is entirely contextual (currently it is set to “Face”), while modifiers must continue to work no matter what the context is. They are ...
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