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how to bend geometry with geometry nodes

This is not a complete answer but just describing a fix for a problem in Robin Betts' answer if different tilt angles are set to different control curves and if those tilt angles are limited to e.g. [-...
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How can I make this type of pattern on a rounded surface

Create a 6 vertex circle, Fill Type > Triangle Fans, add two triangles on its right: Select all, inset the individual faces (ii) and remove the inset faces, add some loopcuts: Array on X and Z, ...
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Modifiers vanish during copy operation - why?

Copy modifiers operator like many other operators in Blender works by taking data from the active object and then performing the operation to all selected objects. If you select one object in the ...
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Modelling surface diagrams

(Using Blender 3.6.8) Approach Use NUBRS surfaces and Bezier curves for smoothness, and Geometry Nodes for non-destructive workflow. Procedure Add Surface/Nurbs Curve to model each branch: Extrude ...
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How to make a cut out on objects created by modifiers?

Is there a reason for the Geometry to Instances node? If not, just delete it: I do not know why inside the custom node group the Duplicate Elements node is set to Instance (EDIT: turns out, it only ...
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Doe's a boolean modifier is needed for this problem?

You can use boolean for this if you want to, but if you need to fill some frame-like thing with something like glass or anything similar, you can also just do only that - fill it. If you have tidy ...
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