One option could be to go to sculpting mode and use Flatten tool. A little silly to not suggest the smooth tool first:


Maybe try something like this - the main "ingredients" that make it distinct are a Transmission Value as well as some Subsurface Scattering to simulate the translucency of mayo. The Noise Texture gives it that lumpy "spread" look:


Basically the constrained object (a mesh, a bone, an empty) has to be set (or keyframed) in the world origin location (0,0,0) when the follow path constraint is set up, so that in the first frame of the constrained action it will be exactly where the first point of the path is, and in the last on the last. If you still have offset problems and you don't want ...


Personally, I only use one file with different Blender Scenes for my different sets and an "edit" Scene that pulls all the others to do the editing. The main inconvenient is that the "edit" scene preview has a crazy slow playback speed, something like 4fps. Also working with audio and timing can be more complicated. The advantages are ...


I generally create an empty grease pencil keyframe (something like a single dot out of camera) and i move it at the end of the scene, so it acts like an "off" button for the active object. Hackish, but it works.

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