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tried to copy this stylized water shader? it's only showed pink. How do I fix it?

I tried to copy these stylized water nodes, from img. Link to my blend file: drive But the result I got is pink shaded plane... I tried to reconnect these nodes and found that maybe the color mix ...
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Trouble in shadow caustics

When transmitting light using the ocean plane, the shadow of the object is displayed as in the right image. I was hoping that the shadow would be formed according to the normal map of the seaweed as ...
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how to project fake caustics on 2d image?

I have a 2d underwater background (see images attached) on which I would like to project some fake caustics (such as this:, could anyone recommend a good ...
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Rendering freeze when using caustics

I'm using a M1 Mac. If enabled caustics, the GPU rendering freezes forever. I'm using Blender 3.6.2. Just a simple cube and plane can freeze it.
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Caustic details not showing in render but working in viewport

I've got a 2 planes in my scene 1 with the ocean modifier and with cast shadow caustics ticked, and another with a fractal subdivision with a receive shadow caustics. For some reason, the caustics don'...
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Getting no caustics

Above is a quick test render to see if caustics were working in the scene, and to my disappointment I'm getting nothing. I checked several tutorial videos to make sure I was doing everything right: ...
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caustics cause way to high render time

I'm working on an archiviz scene, multiflat house with a little garden. In the garden, I'm adding a small pool, created in a separate file and then imported in this. During the pool creation, I played ...
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Caustics disappear with liquid in glass

I'm using caustics to render this perfume bottle. When I render only the liquid, everything works correctly (left image). If I render only the bottle also (image in the middle). If I render the liquid ...
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Caustics Does Not Work Properly for Refractive Object Inside Another Refractive Object

Operating system: Windows 10 x64 Graphics card: NVidia Quadro RTX 3000 and NVidia RTX 3080 Blender Version: 3.4.1 Issue: it looks like current caustics only supports one object, which makes it ...
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How do spotlights work in Blender cycles, without the caustic noise of an explicitly modelled spotlight?

In Cycles, if I use a spotlight object to illuminate a matte object, the matte surface is well behaved with little noise. If I explicitly model a spotlight, the cycles renderer has some terrible ...
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Reduce noise in refractive caustics [duplicate]

I'm trying to smooth these puppies out. I don't need realism, just no noise. The material which light is passing through is a Principle BSDF. Using Cycles X with no reflective or refractive caustics ...
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How can I render caustic using (only) the Cycles render engine?

I'd like to render caustics in Blender with the Cycles render engine. There's a number of (other) questions that explain a few ways to fake it, but I noticed that Blender 3.2 Cycles now has caustics ...
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Different shadow caustics in viewport and final render

I'm currently doing an architectural rendering with glass bricks. Since I'm trying to create an accurate and specific pattern of shadows on the wall I'm using shadow caustics. The strange thing is ...
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Trouble using the new shadow caustics in Blender 3.2

So I wanted to make something using the new shadow caustics in Blender 3.2 , like a plane with some random displacement on surface like procedural bubbles or a random height map but doing so the ...
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How to intensify and edit glass caustics?

I am having trouble with my caustics - using 3.2 and they work fine. However they do not do the trick just right - I need the shadow of the glass to have much more of the light streaks, following the ...
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Fixing a shader that behaves differently (3.2a =>3.2b)

Basically, I've constructed a shader that I'm very happy with using blender-3.2.0-alpha+master.295d5c6ef5b9-windows.amd64-release. When I tried to import it into my ...
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Blender 3.1.2 M1 chip- Metal- GPU enabled- cycles on but NO CAUSTIC checkbox

According to tutorials with the uplisted settings I should have the opinion to see "caustics" checkboxes under object properties, but there are no caustic boxes. I use MacBook Air m1 chip ...
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Caustics options not show in 3.1 final

Caustics options not show in 3.1 final Trying to enable this. Every tutorials shows it up under lights, and object/shading. I am in Cycles. But still no option. Official release of blender 3.1. Any ...
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Why is my light path shader drawing these cross shapes?

I was trying to make a dispersive caustics shader in Cycles by making a rainbow-gradient glass shader and then mixing it with a normal white glass shader. I fiddled with the light path node for a ...
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Denoised render's shadows too distorted without Indirect light clamping - too opaque with Indirect clamping. How do these interact? [duplicate]

You can read in my previous thread about my struggle with this part. I made a milestone just now, increasing Indirect clamp will remove the fireflies, however the shadows are now too opaque. Render ...
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How do I make this iridescent wavey material?

I found this beautiful render consisting of different iridescent glass-like objects. While I understand how to generate this geometry, how would I go about generating this material? Is it in the ...
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How to get more caustics

i was following Blender gurus most recent tutorial , and was working on a glass plane which had the following node setup This is exactly what blender guru had shown in the video and is showing ...
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Blender 2.8 and Caustics in YafaRay and POV

Hello dear Blenderheads, It's a very technical problem here: I'm working on a project and I need Caustics Looks like it's very hard to obtain good Caustics in Cycles due to the nature of the ...
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How to fake reflective caustics in Cycles?

I have learned how to fake refractive caustics, but I still want to know how to fake reflective ones. Like the ones in the picture. Is it the Light Path node?
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Glass / jelly material speckled with fireflies

I'm working on an animation where a cube of jelly falls from the sky (it's best not to think too hard about it). . Here's frame 45: There are loads of speckles, which I've learned are called "...
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Creating beautiful caustics in Cycles [duplicate]

After seeing the results obtained with LuxRender on this page, I was curious to try and reproduce beautiful caustics in Cycles such as these: I created a scene and added some lights, following the ...
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How to create and animate the water reflection (Caustics) on an object?

What is the best method to create this kind of reflection and how to animate it?
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