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Strange black shading. Cannot fully light mesh. (Cycles)

Here is the viewport in material view. The node setup is just a PNG texture into a diffuse shader. And this is in rendered view. I've tried using environmental lighting as well as a directional ...
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Why does the mesh look so strange? [duplicate]

It seems to be related to the mesh texture~ link to mesh
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How to fix weird mesh issue [duplicate]

I've never used blender before and just imported this fbx to find it very strange looking, like something is wrong with the lighting or shadows? Iv'e tried changing a lot of settings but am unsure of ...
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black spots on the object in edit and object mode [duplicate]

The object I downloaded from internet is covered in black spots. There is no texture or material on it. How can I delete them?
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Blotchy Mesh Imported from Maya [duplicate]

new to Blender but Maya vet. I exported an FBX to Blender and the mesh came in blotchy. Can't figure out what's going on. Any thoughts would be appreciated. The mesh looks like light grey and dark ...
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Modeling, why do surfaces look curved? [duplicate]

There is an unnatural shadow on the surface and it feels very strange. It feels strange even with a smooth shader, and it feels strange even when displayed with a flood shade. The direction of the ...
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Wierd rendering of a model [duplicate]

I am quite new at blender and I am modeling an airplane. Somewhere along modeling, some strange things occurred. Probably I clicked something or miss-typed a shortcut or something and my model is ...
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Car is rigged, jagged, or pixelated [duplicate]

Car is rigged, jagged, or pixelated, need help on how to fix
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model looks weird when removing loose and merging by distance [duplicate]

so I ripped these models from a game (legally) and they contain a whole bunch of loose geometry. problem is, when I remove all of it, the model looks very odd. playing with normal recalculation only ...
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Faces are like blobs - what is wrong? [duplicate]

I downloaded an .obj-file, and imported it into Blender 2.81, and I get some smooth surfaces - all is good, but I would like to see the flat version, so I go to ...
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What is going on with this hook? [duplicate]

I made it last night, saved my blend file and when I loaded it back today it looked like this..? I believe it may have something to do with normals and I tried recalculating them but it seems like the ...
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Strange shading of faces [duplicate]

I'm really new into this - manipulating OBJ or STL files for printing, I've noticed if i transform faces too much or add manually new faces (two edges or 3 vertices) - those gets "strange" ...
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Strange shading on flat surface

I am trying to model a snooker table for an Unity game and I have an issue with strange shadows on the cushion: This is how I modeled the curved edge: It's not an Unity issue because if I choose ...
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Dark shadow on some faces, already recalculated normals and merged vertices

I'm encountered similar problems a few times and can't figure it out. I have simple low poly mesh, normals are correct and there are no extra vertices but still some faces look darker. flat shading ...
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Ambient Occlusion Bake Texture Issue

I have recently updated to Blender 2.8. Now, when I bake an ambient occlusion map of this model it looks like this: This is odd, as it worked fine with two of my other models in 2.8. I use Smart UV ...
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