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Low-res texture blurry [duplicate]

I unwrapped a simple plane and applied the following 80x80 pixel picture: Yes, it's quite small. The problem is, the result is all blurry, like so: How do I make it accurate to the pixel?
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Why are my textures blurry? [duplicate]

This is an image of a 50 samples render of my scene. I know, low samples but no matter what samples I render it at the textures are always blurred. This is my camera options. And this is my render ...
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How to render a model with pixel art/sprite textures and have it not be blurry? [duplicate]

I've made a model that's PS1-eqse in the vain of games like Mega Man Legends, but whenever I try to render it in Blender, it looks absolutely atrocious. I've disabled Anti-Aliasing, turned off ...
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Blurry textures in the viewport [duplicate]

I tried to create a Minecraft animation using blender. When I'm in material mode I see this, but when rendering it shows normal. Please can anyone tell me what should I do to fix that? I have no idea ...
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How to prevent blurry interpolation when scaling a texture? [duplicate]

I am using gazebo to develop some optical measurement system and I have to get a good proportion for textures in the object. I made a pyramid of 25 x 12.5 mm and unwrapped a texture in order to have 1 ...
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Problem with UV Mapping in cycles [duplicate]

I recently started having problems with UV mapping. I map the object on the same color yet it has different shades of the color. For example I was mapping a car I'm making for a game and it looked ...
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pixulated texture of character [duplicate]

character in my blender is Low quality but in the render is: I want render quality = quality in 3D view
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How to render low resolution textures [duplicate]

I have a low resolution image. It is 16 by 16 pixels. I want to use this texture in cycles. When I apply this texture to a mesh it becomes blurry. This is because blender uses linear pixel blending, I ...
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Blender evee rendered image plane blurry [duplicate]

I imported an image using add images as planes. Rendering in evee. Rendered result is blurry. How to get it sharp? Sharp should be the standard without having to change options…
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Why is the texturing on my model rendering blurry and without the alpha chanel? [duplicate]

I'm trying to make a render of a minecraft charterer. This would be simple enough, but I am a total noob with blender. I texture mapped it just fine, but it comes out blurry and the alpha chanel (that ...
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How can have a imported image retain the square pixels at close magnification? [duplicate]

Currently my imported image (900x900), when zoomed into it very close, has the pixels blurry (like when you zoom into images in a photo viewer), but is it possible to have them stay square like when ...
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Where is the image texture node? [duplicate]

I want to change linear to closest but i'm not sure where that setting is at. Can someone show me a screenshot?
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Rendering a pixelated image

How do you make the camera in blender cycles render everything so it looks like pixels? I want everything in my scene to look pixelly like this image I found:
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Images Look Blurry in Blender No matter how high the render samples are or that the settings in sampling is final [duplicate]

When I render with the camera in blender, no matter how high the render samples are or that the sampling is final rendering it still looks blurry.(unless it's the grass)
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How can I preserve texture details when viewed from a distance?

I'm trying to achieve a scratched surface effect using a bump map, however it turns out the surface details are not preserved at a distance: The first picture shows the metal part at high resoltion, ...
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