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I've made a model that's PS1-eqse in the vain of games like Mega Man Legends, but whenever I try to render it in Blender, it looks absolutely atrocious.

I've disabled Anti-Aliasing, turned off MipMaps in Blender Preferences, which DID make the pixel textures clearer, but only in viewport. But it still looks awful.

Anything else I can do to make the render show the pixel textures clearer?


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Turning of mipmaps is just a performance setting for the viewport, you need to change the interpolation method for each image texture.

In the image node on the second pull down menu change to Closest


Yes, switch to cycles, and instead of diffuse with a lamp in your scene, use your image texture plugged into an emission shader with it's strength set to 0.5

enter image description here


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