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How to model the bottle threads?

The picture show the threads I want to create on the highlighted object. Problem is I don't know how and tutorials really haven't helped much as most of them seem to be about creating a bolt. So I was ...
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How can I model a bottle with triangular base and circular top? (Nail Polish Bottle)

Does anyone have any advice on how I can model this specific nail varnish bottle for a client? The base of the bottle is a sort of triangle and becomes a rounded and circular at the lid? any advice on ...
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How to create little flanges on the bottom of the bottle

Can you please help me understand how to do it the right way? :) Trying to make glass can:
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How can I make a rounded indentation on a cylinder? (Cosmetic Plastic Bottle Lid)

I'm trying to do a cosmetic bottle in blender but i don't how to do this thing in the image. How to do this round edge on the cap. Can anyone help me?
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How do I make this twisted surface on a bottle?

I am trying to replicate the attached image, but I am stuck on the twisted pattern on the surface of the bottle. I have tried a displacement modifier with a texture with no luck. Maybe I am just doing ...
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How to create this detergent bottle recipient

I want to create this laundry detergent bottle recipient, but I can't go on modelling because I don't know how to create these shapes I have attached here my Blender file
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Carve Hole in A metal water bottle model

I am making a 3D model out of my stainless steel water bottle but I can't get right the carved part on the bottom of the bottle I tried using the boolean modifier coupled with a bevel and a ...
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Making rounded dips in cylinder

I've just started to learn blender and try to model an old style coke bottle. The basic model is done: However I have no idea on how to model these dips around the bottle: As you can see it's not a ...
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Creating curve design

Hi, in the image below you can see point "3" is the bottle that I created using blender 2.69. "1" is the side view of the original bottle "2" is the front view of the bottle. Now I want this design of ...
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Mesh: Plastic bottle curved indent, boolean or displacement map? Or maybe something else?

I'm new to blender and I'm trying to make a 3d model of a complex-ish water bottle. Now I'm stuck at a part where there's an array of wavy lines that need to be indented at the top. I've tried a few ...
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How do I make those rhombic indents in this water bottle? Image in description

I'm relatively new. I know how to make a water bottle starting with a circle and extruding upwards while using a combo of extrude and scaling to make indents, but how would I do something like this? ...
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