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Blender ID is the authentication service operated by Blender Foundation. It provides a unified login system that will give you access to a large number of services around Blender. The Blender ID add-on can be used to authenticate users in Blender itself.

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DXF export option doesn't respond

I have an issue with exporting a drawing to DXF format. I generated a DXF file using some Python script which I can import in Blender without problems, however, after editing this drawing in blender (...
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How to smoothly connect rectangle and cone while leaving arches? [duplicate]

Beginner here* How do I smoothly connect a cube with a cylinder?
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render output is weird [duplicate]

my render output has a weird looking shape and color which is different from what I see in layout. the version I am using is 2.92. does anyone know what's wrong with it and how to fix it? this is what ...
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Blender Cloud Login For 2.91

I just bought Blender cloud, and I'm trying to find how to login. I saw that there is an addon but I was unable to find it. Is the Login Addon supposed to be included in blender cloud addon?
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Unable to reduce Blender file size for render farms?

I'm hitting a wall here. I have a 185-frames-long animation that I want to send to SheepIt for rendering but no matter what I do the file size stays around 1,5-1,8GB and the upload limit on SheepIt is ...
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How can i delete part of an object insite another object?

I am trying something in blender and i would like to delete this inner part of the orange object so the second object (grey) is open. How can i do this?
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What does the axis mean? [closed]

You know how there is the x, y, z-axis. Why is there no a,b,c. Also, there should also be a w axis to allow for zooming in and out. Plus a v axis for rotation, as their is no rotating button the use. ...
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can't find the Blender ID add-on sign in

I have been trying to download the textured brushes add-on from the Blender Cloud. I understand that the download should consist of 2 files, one being a one-time sign in utility for the cloud, the ...
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Blender ID Authentication Fail To Log In

I have been using the "Blender ID authentication" and "Blender Cloud" Add-ons for a very long time without any issue until today. I use these addons to save my custom "keymap", theme and other ...
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Where is the Blender ID add-on preference pane?

For some reason I seem to have lost all my Blender Sync preferences. I reinstalled the add-on which was missing, but the preferences pane is asking me to log in: I cannot find out how to log in, I ...
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How can you sync Blender configs between multiple machines?

I run Blender on several machines, it is a hassle to copy configs around, in order that you don't have to configure everything from scratch every time. Is there a sync functionality that does this?
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Blender ID Authentication - Issue with Login [closed]

I just joined Blender Cloud and I am trying to login with 'Blender ID authentication' add-on so I can activate the 'Blender Cloud' add-on. I am having trouble logging in however. I reinstalled and it ...
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2.78b : Blender system Cloud texture addon not showing

Just subscribed to Blender Cloud Downloaded addon: Able to login via Blender Cloud id(This one was already installed with 2.78b - so dont know why it is included in ...
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How to use the Blender ID in a third-party add-on?

Blender 2.78 came with a perhaps overlooked feature with the Blender ID authentication add-on. It's very strait-forward to use as long as you have registered a Blender ID, but I don't see how it can ...
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