1. Just subscribed to Blender Cloud

  2. Downloaded addon: https://cloud.blender.org/services

  3. Able to login via Blender Cloud id(This one was already installed with 2.78b - so dont know why it is included in the download addon)

  4. Install from file. But I don't see any "System Blender cloud texture"


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The Blender ID add-on was first bundled with Blender in 2.78; it was included with the Blender Cloud add-on to allow people with Blender 2.77 to use it too.

To get to the Texture Browser, the easiest way is to press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+A. Alternatively, in the UV/Image editor, choose 'Image' > 'Get Image from Blender Cloud'.

The documentation is available from the add-on screen itself, and describes some of the other features too (like Blender Sync):

enter image description here


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