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Help me to add glossiness in my file [duplicate]

I want to plastic type gloss and reflection of light on it. Please help to add those effect.
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what is this floor reflective shading texture? [duplicate]

what is ths reflective, glossy, smooth white texture? Kindly help me answer steps to create this white reflective texture
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How to create a mirror shader?

I would like to know how to create a physically correct mirror material in cycles. How can that be achieved as realistic as possible? From Wikipedia: Mirrors are manufactured by applying a ...
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Metal material with glass and gloss node?

I was downloading some random blender files for a project and I came across this strange piece.
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how to create a shiny latex like material in blender cycles

I'm experimenting with blender cycles and there are a few things I have problems with/ I am not happy with the results. One is creating a shiny plastic. I tried it on my own, because I found no help ...
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How do I make a surface look like a polished one in Blender?

I am making some spheres like these . Hence I need a surface similar to this.
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How to make eye shader?

I am trying to create a sonic model and I would like to know if anyone could help me replicate the eye material shown below. So far i’ve Tried using some glass shaders mixed with some diffuse shaders.
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Tinted reflections and specular light manipulation

I am coming from the Lightwave. So far, I like the Blender. Especially, some of the modelling tools. Cycles is nice too, but I have two problems, ergo two questions. How to manipulate the specular ...
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soft light reflections

I'm trying to get this soft light reflections like in this reference photo on my 3D model, and I don't know how. How can I achieve this. By this I mean, for example look at bowling ball it's has this ...
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How can I obtain similar black plastic color

Can you tell me, how can I obtain a similar black plastic color? Thank you
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how can I make the color looks whiter [duplicate]

I am just wondering how can I make the color whiter but also metal-like. the car model should have a white-painted metal shell. But I cannot make the color look like white. Although I put white color ...
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