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Problem: I have situation like this: When I move The highlithed object the green human object moves its component as well and it shoudln't. http://...
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Nearby objects won't move independently? [duplicate]

I created a thick glass bottle and duplicated the interior faces to make a new object to create the liquid inside. I went in the edit mode, selected the faces I wanted to copy and duplicated them ...
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Why is an object stuck to another? [duplicate]

So I created a Cube in Blender and then I created an Empty beside the Cube (in object mode). Now, when I move the Empty around, the Cube follows... Why?
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Whenever I move an object a circle appears that also affects other objects [duplicate]

I am not entirely sure how to even describe the issue I am having. I am making a pretty simple animation with two people and a cop car. Whenever I move one object a large white circle appears around ...
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Why does the entire mesh move in this model? [duplicate]

I am trying to create my first model in Blender using this tutorial (you can see the files of the model here). In the video (04:25), when one vertex is pulled down, only some of the vertices of the ...
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Adjust the camera view actually separate all my objects [duplicate]

I would like to adjust the camera view, so I press the CtrkAlt0 to switch to the camera view window, then I try to adjust the camera window. Then, I press the G key, and try to move the view window ...
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scaling mess up original shape, not even [duplicate]

As you can see, I scaled the top surface, and it messes up other parts. It is just a perfect sylinder before I change the scale. This happen everytime I scale something. Please help, thank you!
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Objects move together [duplicate]

I'm trying to move one of the objects, but instead of just one moving, they all move.
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Objects being moved with each other inside an area [duplicate]

I have accidentally enabled a mode which creates a kind of smooth brush whenever I move an object. And when I drag it across the axis everything inside the circle gets moved as well. How do I stop ...
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After Shift D, original object wrongly move with the copy [duplicate]

I did the below. Shift D ( Duplicate ) ESC ( cancel Grab ) Move object by Maniplator At 3, not only the copy but also the original object moves. But I want the original object to stay the original ...
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Object closely follows other object being moved [duplicate]

When I import object B in my scene, It appears at origin 0, near object A (which is keyframed). I cannot seem to move A away from B without B loosely following... What is the relationship at work here?...
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Strange relations between objects [duplicate]

In my scene there are some objects that are somehow connected to each other. E.g. if I transpose one object called 'Body' it also moves the object 'Border'. The movement of 'Border' is not linear ...
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How Do I Move a Face Entirely on Its Own?

I fairly new to blender and i'm trying to move a specific face on its own. When I have the face selected and use the move controls, it tugs the surrounding area with it. I was doing it before but I ...
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Rescaling/transform affects 2 objects instead of just the one selected?

Whenever I try to create a new object and scale/transform it in object mode, it automatically selects another object and scales that object too without me selecting that object. I think this has ...
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Why is my model moving vertexes that aren't selected, when scaling

When I extend my "cylinder" by using the E key and attempt to scale it It also moves some vertexes along with it.
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