I would like to light the center of a cylinder volume with a gradient light White -> Red -> Blue radially from the center to the border.

I created the cylinder normally and applied a volume material:

cylinder with volume material

Then, I created the light as a point and applied a blend texture like this:

light with texture

But I don't get the expected result (the center should be red then white) :

resulting render

The tutorial where I have seen this method is tagged as outdated.

  • Do you think it's the reason for why it doesn't work?

  • Do you know how to make a colored gradient lighting of a volume ?

I'm using blender 2.72


I think your problem is with the scale of the mapping for the texture. I made a test using an empty to control the mapping. Changing the scale of the empty or the size on the Mapping controls did the trick.

enter image description here


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