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Questions tagged [glsl]

OpenGL Shading Language is a high-level shading language for describing custom materials and shaders

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1 answer

How to import blender object with shaders into javascript project? [duplicate]

Have really cool-looking soap bubble in Blender, would like to use it in javascript project, but when I import it to javascript it's just gray ball. Is it possible to export glsl code that would be ...
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with bgl deprecated in b3.5+ how to compensate for loss of GL_POLYGON_OFFSET_FILL and bgl.glPolygonOffset

I'm wondering how others have solved this problem now bgl is being deprecated. We have a few places in the Sverchok drawing code where we avoid zfighting between ...
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Convert shaders from blender to glsl shaders and vice versa

Convert shaders from blender to glsl shaders and vice versa. I have a ready-made glsl project and would like to find a way to transfer them to blender, I saw a demand through node script, maybe there ...
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Color alteration in writing and reading image textures using GPU module and Frament shader

I'm trying to understand how to use Fragment shaders in Blender for editing and saving some images. Collecting pieces of information here and there, I produced a simple code that read an image, draw ...
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GLSL: 2D space transform matrix of Custom Shader

Here is a template of build-in shader to draw a 2D Rectangle in viewport and that is good. ...
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0 answers

How can I make objects created with the GPU Module visible in the final render?

I used the code example for creating a triangle with custom shader from the official docs: ...
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1 answer

Area Lamp in Viewport in Blender Internal Engine

I want to ask is there any way to make area lamp visible in viewport in Blender Internal Engine(GLSL) in Blender 2.79. I cannot use Blender 2.8 due to some hardware limitations that is why I use ...
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Is it possible to render GLSL over video?

I've never worked with Blender, but was asking around about finding a way to render GLSL over video and a friend - who knew that the two could both be done in Blender, but not whether they could be ...
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